The Drake And Central Cee Song Lyrics - On The Radar (Freestyle)

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The Drake And Central Cee Song Lyrics - On The Radar (Freestyle)


On The Radar, 2023

6 G-O-D and my broski 2C

You know what it is

It’s a madness and badness combination

Yeah!, Ayy!, grrr!

On Morningside got no stick in the ride

If I take flicks with the guys

I gotta put emojis over like 3 faces

‘Cause the feds can’t see those eyes

People I shouldn’t be beside

When I was an actor they would go Stratford

Just to sell food on Bieber’s side

Plenty reasons why I’m this way, my girl

That’s just one reason why

Seen you around at Sotto, enough man, baby

You love on some eediat guys

Obedient guys, jokers and comedian guys

You know I’m likе 6’2″ in the right shoe, love

But you lovе on some medium guys

I wanna keep you on the beach ’til 6 A.M.

So you see sunrise

Seen you from the stage in the 100

These must be eagle eyes

Pressing against me, thinking ’bout entry

Know you could tell it’s a decent size

You wanna know the real me, girl

Say you wanna see deep inside

If Chubb’s has on a Chanel side bag

You don’t wanna see him reach inside

‘Cah we know some demon guys

With jealous and evil eyes

You know that’s how Jesus died

You know that’s how Julius Caesar died

I bet they were decent guys

I swear they remind me of me sometimes

I’m tryna be under your breasts like peas and rice

You never get treated nice

Fool you once, that’s fine

But you look dumb if you let them repeat it twice

200 million on the table

I hope I’m able to get this agreement signed

Told you I needed time

But really the truth is I don’t believe in time

Feel like I been here over a thousand years

Like since the medieval times

And I’m still just a cutthroat king

Even though this is recent times

A man might dead that we’re beefing with

But we don’t do grieving time

Fuck teasing time

If I come inside you, it’s breeding time

So much for idols, KMT with the eye roll

Knew that I made it

When I had drivers holding my last name up in arrivals

Cench might need vaccine when he see

How this video start going viral

If Lita’s there, then the mash is there

With grains in there like silos

The morning rain clouds up my window

I swear I feel like Dido

J A U M, how it looks when man

Put you in a jam like typos

Negotiation, ask her for 20% of the company

That’s my final

Realistic to shit, my N15 like

I’m going through Tottenham High Road

If it’s beef, i’ll get that shade from bread and

Grease like I’m making giros, or I’m making gyros

So much for all these heroes

The numbers are good with me as long as

It’s comma then 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

Pass me a glass of the vino

If a girl try take my Rolex to buy some Valentino

I tell baby M what she did to the kid

That eyeliner like emo

She didn’t rock my clothing line

When we had one shirt to go with the jeans though

Now man like me and Clint can afford those whips

Like Gran Torino, Grrr!

Crocodile tears she ain’t even crying

Why you swearing to God

You don’t even believe in Christ

What you saying wallahi for

You ain’t been on your deen

You’ve been eating swine, nah

I ain’t the man of your dreams

Now you wish that you stayed with your previous guy

It used to be 3.5s, now I can sell out the 2 arena twice

Don’t ask what the fee looks like

Don’t believe all the media hype

Like eighty percent of these people lying

Who can I ask when I need advice

I gotta work hard, it’s me who provides

Email Y-Beeez for the feature look

What goes up must come down

So when you’re in the air, prepare for the landing

I did everything that I could for my hood

So how do they say I don’t care for the mandem

Crib so big, I might get out of breath

If I walk too quick up the stairs in the mansion

They weren’t there for the action

Tryna round up three hundred Spartans

We going to war but we ain’t in Athens

Everything won’t go to plan

That’s not how it goes, I’m afraid shit happens

Rap boy on a footballers wage

I’m on the same pay as the players at Dallas

What’s making the haters jealous?

I’m thinking the AP’s eighteen karats

They call me my government name in Harrods, uh

This one ratchet, don’t even know who her baby dad is, ah

If I cum inside, I won’t leave ’til I see her take the tablet, nah

He mention my name ’cause he wanted some fame

And he ain’t established Huh, alright

You know the verse gon’ hit when you hear that adlib

Come a long way, I was sellin’ them opium on my lonely

But I’m not Ken Carson

I’m a hood, red hot, red dot on my head

In my hood, I’m a target

So driver, stay in the whip while I jump out quick

Don’t park it

I can lean out the window and horn it

I’m on the same pay as the players at Charlotte

Big fish in this thing, no armbands like a back stroke

I swim in that shark tank

Drop me in the jungle, tree-to-tree

Start swinging like Tarzan

24 inch on the rims on the Benz

I’m doing donuts and skidding on tarmac (Huh)

Sick of these high-rise buildings, flip the script

Now I’m living on farmland (Huh)

Hmmm, grr!

Alright Alright

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